Kristen Gebbia - Natural Health Practitioner

Jun 15, 2020

About Kristen Gebbia

Welcome to the page of Kristen Gebbia, a dedicated and reputable natural health practitioner at A+ Healthcare. With a passion for holistic healing and a focus on optimizing well-being, Kristen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her practice. She is committed to providing exceptional care and empowering patients to lead healthier and more balanced lives.

Expertise and Approach

Kristen Gebbia specializes in a wide range of natural health practices and integrative therapies. Her approach to holistic health is centered around identifying and addressing the root causes of health issues, rather than merely alleviating symptoms. Kristen believes in treating the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – to achieve long-lasting results.

Services Offered

Kristen offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to individual needs and goals. Whether you are seeking to address a specific health concern or simply optimize your overall well-being, she has the expertise to guide you on your wellness journey. Some of the services offered by Kristen include:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): As a trained acupuncturist, Kristen incorporates TCM principles into her practice to restore balance and promote healing through acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other natural therapies.
  • Nutritional Counseling: Understanding the crucial role that nutrition plays in overall health, Kristen provides personalized nutritional counseling to help clients make informed dietary choices for optimal well-being.
  • Herbal Medicine: Drawing from her extensive knowledge of herbal remedies, Kristen utilizes the healing properties of plants to support the body's natural ability to heal and restore balance.
  • Mindfulness and Stress Management: Recognizing the impact of stress on health, Kristen offers guidance and techniques for managing stress, improving mental well-being, and promoting overall relaxation.
  • Energy Healing: Kristen incorporates energy-based modalities such as Reiki and Qi Gong to rebalance the body's subtle energy systems, promoting physical, emotional, and mental harmony.
  • Lifestyle Modification: Kristen works closely with her clients to develop personalized lifestyle plans that encompass a holistic approach to health, encompassing exercise, self-care practices, and more.

How Kristen Can Help You

With her extensive knowledge and expertise in natural health practices, Kristen Gebbia is dedicated to helping individuals achieve optimal well-being. By addressing the underlying causes of health issues, she aims to restore balance and harmony within the body, supporting the body's innate healing abilities. Kristen takes a collaborative and patient-centered approach, actively listening to her clients and creating customized treatment plans that align with their unique needs and goals.

At A+ Healthcare, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and personalized care, and Kristen embodies these principles. Her commitment to excellence, compassionate nature, and dedication to ongoing education make her an outstanding partner on your journey to optimal health.

Contact Kristen Gebbia at A+ Healthcare

If you are ready to take control of your health and explore the benefits of a holistic approach, contact Kristen Gebbia at A+ Healthcare today. Schedule an appointment or inquire about our services by calling XXX-XXXX or filling out our online contact form. Kristen looks forward to partnering with you on your path to optimal well-being.

Ron Graham
Amazing practitioner! 👏
Nov 8, 2023